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What Are Twitter Walls And Why Every Event Must Have Them?

If you’re a marketer or an organizer planning to host a grand event soon, then your mind must be flooded with many ideas of what you should do and what you could do! Let me offer some help.

Twitter Walls, you must have heard of them. They are an amazing tool to encourage and boost audience engagement at any event, not just on the venue itself but also on the social media platforms too.

Twitter Social Walls are a great addition to any event. They are a great marketing tool for events giving the audience a larger-than-life experience. They display interesting and engaging user-generated content, thus wowing the visitors of your events and leaving them with an emotional impact worth their size.

This article will help you figure out why you should use Twitter Walls for your next event!

But, before we start diving into the amazing benefits of Twitter Walls, first let’s understand what Twitter Walls actually are?

Twitter Walls, What are they?

Simply to start with, a Twitter Wall is a platform which enables you to display live Twitter feeds, aggregated via hashtags, keywords, handles, list, favorites, and others.

Now, you can display this aggregated stream of real-time Twitter feed either on a digital screen in any event or as digital signage or you can embed it on a website to display social proof to your audience anytime they visit your official website.

Twitter Walls, also known by the name, Tweet Wall or Twitter Social Wall, are apt for use during events, conferences, trade shows, graduations, convocations, and other similar events.

The basic operations that overall result in the successful installation and execution of a Twitter Wall are- Discovering the relevant tweets via hashtags, handles, etc., Aggregating the relevant tweets on to the wall editor, customization, curation, and finally displaying the Twitter feeds on your digital screens for events.

Having said that, let’s embrace the beauty of Twitter Walls by discussing it’s phenomenal benefits and wonders it can do in popularizing your events and making it a grand success.

Why Should You Consider Twitter Walls For Your Next Event?

  • Entertains and Engages the Audience

The idea of a real-time Twitter Wall seems interesting. Doesn’t it? So does it to your audience. A Twitter Wall is an amazing, different, technologically beautiful, and very visually appealing addition to your events. Visitors at your event are literally attracted to the Twitter Wall. The interesting Twitter feeds actually encourage your event attendees to interact and contribute similar tweets to the Twitter Wall.

  • Makes Your Event Visible On Twitter

When your event attendees post on Twitter about your event, its glimpses, its amazing ambiance, and all the fun that they had or are having during the event by using your particular event hashtag, then it is more likely to gain visibility on Twitter. This further spread the buzz about your event. Your Twitter Wall gets more fresh and dynamic content to display to your audience. More engagement, more visibility, it’s that simple.

  • Displays Interesting Content

Twitter Wall displays interesting posts from Twitter altogether at one place and that too in a really customizable and attractive manner. The content that is being displayed is user-generated content which is inherently interesting and engaging. Users find it intriguing to interplay with. It is visually appealing with real-time images and posts about the event currently ongoing and even after it has all wind up. All this contributes to spreading of the word of mouth marketing for your event, thus, creating a wider audience base for your event, not just this year but even for the future.

  • Leaves A Long Lasting Impact On The Minds Of Your Audience

Twitter Walls are not something you see around any corner every now and then. So, when you install a Twitter Wall at your event, it is like the amazing technology at the display for your audience. It fascinates your event attendees and leaves a long-lasting impact on your attendees’ mind. The Wow factor that the bright sparkly large display showing beautiful Twitter feeds, commands is something that lasts long.

  • Advocates For Your Brand

Twitter Walls are not just to enhance the visual appeal of your event. Implicitly, it does a lot more. It shows Twitter content that is fetched through your brand hashtag and event hashtag. So, the tweets that are displayed up on the wall somehow revolve around your brand. User-generated Twitter content is actually advocating for your brand’s goodwill and showcases the tweets that display user’s trust in your brand.  

  • Many Features To Help Your Marketing Strategy

Twitter Walls come with amazing add-on features too. Powerful Moderation, Beautiful Customization, Amazing Curation Features, Profanity Filters, Robust Analytics Features, and many more like these help you improve the way you display your Twitter feeds. All this helps you to make your marketing strategy more robust and efficient with the moderation and tracking features. The moderation feature allows you to filter out irrelevant content, thus, improving the quality of your content. While the Analytics feature allows you to track the interaction and engagement level of the audience at the events with your Twitter Wall. More are the contributed posts, more is the level of engagement. Thus, enhanced and hiked event ROI.

  • Caters To Your Sponsors And Speakers Attention Requirements

The Full-Screen Announcement feature helps to cater to the sponsors’ requirements of promotion of their brand and the Speakers’ needs to catch their audience’s attention during the event. Full-Screen Announcements and Custom Posts features allow you to display the Sponsor’s content, thus giving them their share of space on the Twitter Wall to interact with the event attendees. You could always display the Speaker’s content and the list of upcoming speakers along with their topics to engage the audience and keep their attention intact during the event.


Believe me! You will never regret the decision of installing a Twitter Wall at your next event. The amazing results like boosted audience engagement, hiked event ROI, widespread social media marketing, brand awareness, and so much more.

Try the best Twitter Walls for your next event today itself.

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