What is website? How does it works?

We have seen many websites and we have heard many things about website. we are browsing website everyday but Many of us does not know the definition of website or what is website? how does it work?
So I want to know details about website as What is website? how does it work and so on

please answer me only expert person do not write any wrong answer.

Thank you very much

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website according to dictionary
website is a noun word which plural noun is websites; also – noun: web-site; plural noun: web-sites.

Website is a set of related web pages located under a single domain name.
As for example: https://www.linkworld.us/  is a website which domain name is “biyinggov.com”

Now let’s we explain that why https://www.linkworld.us/  is a website.
in the above definition, we have seen that, Website is a set of related web pages located under a single domain name.
biyinggov.com has many web pages for example:
Here are some Web page list
and so on,
and all this pages  located under a single domain name which name biyinggov.com.

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Website according to Wikipedia

A website is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server.
Notable examples are wikipedia.org , google.com, and amazon.com.

Kinds of Website:
we can divide into two types of website according to structure
1. Static
2. Dynamic Website

Now Read details about Static website:

What is Static?

A static website site is the most basic kind of website, and the easiest to create. It requires no server-side processing, only client-side. Client-side technologies are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In simpler terms, it requires no use of the back-end. A static website is delivered to a user exactly the way it’s stored. That means that nothing on the page will change by the user or even the site administrator, unless there’s a redesign of the site or the site administrator goes directly into the code to change it. Nothing is stored but the actual pages of the site. There are no users, no comments, no blog posts or any interactivity. No programming languages are required to make a static site. Technically JavaScript is a programming language, but it’s not required to make a static site. However, if a site utilizes JavaScript, but no PHP or any other programming language it’s still considered a static site, since JavaScript is a client-side language.

What is Dynamic Website?

Dynamic website use languages like PHP to interact with information stored in a databases. For this reason, dynamic sites are much more complicated and expensive to create. Not only is web hosting required, but databases or servers must be created as well. The languages used to create dynamic sites are also much more complicated than the client-side languages.

Hope you understand. Thanks.

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